May 2009

Sun Shines for Mals in Senior League

On possibly the most glorious day of the year so far (weather wise anyway!), the Joes took on the Malachys in a home fixture in the fourth round of the senior league. The heavy...

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Dubs Day in Dromiskin

The club had the privilege of welcoming the reigning Leinster champions to train in Cluskey Park on Saturday. They did a session in the morning, went for lunch and returned for a...

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Disappointing Defeat on a Dark Day in Darver

With the Gaels field being deemed unplayable, the Joes had the rather unique opportunity of playing a championship game within the parish. This did not prove to be a pleasant...

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La go han mhaith - La Na gClub

Bathed in beautiful sunshine, all day long, Cluskey Park was the place to be for La Na gClub. This GAA 125th anniversary celebration of the club simply could not have went any...

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Intermediate Championship First Round Victory

Just like twelve months earlier, when the Joes started their intermediate championship with a tight win in the Drogheda Gaelic Grounds over a southern team, so it was again, with...

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